• SMB Tech Enablement

    How TechSparks helps small and medium-sized businesses digitize.


    New technology solutions provide small and medium-sized businesses an unprecedented opportunity to grow and scale their existing successful businesses. Extending your business through digital platforms is a lot like starting a new company, and TechSparks provides you the entrepreneurial tech talent needed to take your business to new heights.

    SMB Defined

    • <$1B Annual Revenue
    • Consistent Revenues
    • Core Focus: Digitization of Business
    • Team: < 1,000 Full-Time 

    Why TechSparks

    • Tech Expertise: We are experienced tech professionals with unique insights on SMB. 
    • Flexibility: Working with freelancers gives you more control over cost and allocation of resources. 
    • Entrepreneurial: We understand that digitizing your business requires an entrepreneurial mindset. 

    Marketing & Sales

    • Marketing Strategy and Planning
    • Marketing Website 
    • Social Media Strategy and Management
    • SEO and Content Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Automation
    • Digital Advertising 
    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Enablement
    • E-Commerce Enablement
    • Marketing Campaigns 
    • PR/Media Relations
    • Events

    Creative & Product

    • Brand Audit
    • Rebranding 
    • Photography
    • Video
    • Brainstorms

    • UI/UX

    • MVP Development

    • Software Development

    • Mobile Development

    • Outsourcing


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