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  • A Collaborative Freelancer Network for Startups

    TechSparks is a collaborative freelancer network for startups and new ventures. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, TechSparks understands that the first phase of a new venture are the most crucial, yet the most resource-constrained. TechSparks addresses these challenges through a collaborative freelancer network model that empowers startups with resource flexibility, high quality talent, and entrepreneurial culture.

    Problem: The needs of a startup are ever-changing.

    TechSparks connects startups to a network of entrepreneurial, experienced talent that has opted into the freelancer lifestyle. Our consultants charge hourly or by project so that startups have flexibility and control over their resource planning. Rather than pay one full-time salary, you can afford to distribute that cost across the different subject-matter experts to source all the talent you need to start and grow your company.

    Problem: Startups need experienced executives, but on a new-hire budget.

    Executives are expensive, but an experienced team makes all the difference when you’re starting a company. Experience allows you to avoid mistakes and scale quickly. TechSparks is comprised of experienced startup professionals who have opted into part-time and freelance-based work. We know the game, we know what to do. We understand that you don’t need to bring us on full-time...yet. Rather than settle for inexperienced talent because of your budget, TechSparks enables startups like yours to tap into experienced talent in flexible arrangements that work for you and for us.

    Problem: Your initial hires and first days establish the culture of your company.

    TechSparks is a closed, referral-based network of freelancers. Unlike larger freelancer networks out there, TechSparks does not allow just anyone to join our tribe. TechSparks started in 2013 as an events and networking organization for entrepreneurs. Over the course of hosting 100+ events in Southern California, we’ve identified people with entrepreneurial talent that we leveraged to build our freelancer network. The people we refer are not just highly skilled, but people we have enjoyed working with ourselves. They are not just out for a gig, but scouting long-term opportunities and could likely join your team full-time.

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    Meet Jennifer Chang

    Jennifer specializes in fundraising and marketing for early-stage ventures.

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    Meet Preeti Narang

    Preeti is a digital marketing specialist who works with startups and SMBs.

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