• Growth Stage Startups

    How TechSparks works with growth stage startups.


    Companies grow at different trajectories and vary widely in how they look. Generally, companies at this stage are defined by more than $1M in annual revenue, but less than $50M. They've identified product/market fit and are fundraising to fuel growth. At growth stage, there are just not enough resources because the company has such massive opportunity and needs to strategically grab market share as fast as possible. TechSparks works with growth-stage companies to bring in experienced people who are ready to run, NOW.

    Growth Stage Defined

    • <$1M Annual Revenue
    • Fundraising Stage: Seed, Series A
    • Core Focus: Identify Product/Market Fit
    • Team: < 10 Full-Time 

    Why TechSparks

    • Experience: Our experienced Subject-Matter Experts know how to set up your company for success. 
    • Flexibility: Working with freelancers gives you more control over cost and allocation of resources. 
    • Entrepreneurial: The first people in your startup create your culture. TechSparks matches you with entrepreneurial team players who are in between ventures. 

    Marketing & Sales

    • Marketing Strategy and Planning
    • Marketing Website 
    • Social Media Strategy and Management
    • SEO and Content Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Automation
    • Digital Advertising 
    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Enablement
    • Sales Training
    • Salesforce Customizations
    • Marketing Campaigns 
    • PR/Media Relations
    • Thought Leadership
    • Events


    • Pitch Deck

    • Financial Model

    • Coaching

    • Tech Audit


    • Brand Audit
    • Rebranding 
    • Photography
    • Video


    • Brainstorms

    • UI/UX

    • Software Development

    • Mobile Development

    • Outsourcing


    Shoot us a note about your growth stage company's needs. We'll get back to you within one business day.