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    TechSparks CONNECT Pitchfest is an early-stage pitchfest for startups. For more information, click here.

  • Timeline

    Here's what you can expect.


    October 10

    Deadline to apply


    October 13

    Selected presenters will be notified


    October 20

    The day you pitch!

  • About the Event

    Connect with the best of Pasadena's startup ecosystem! TechSparks Connect Pitchfest is an annual event that brings together the local startup community. In 2020, Connect Week will be going virtual, and our Pitchfest will be hosted on Zoom.


    TechSparks Connect Pitchfest brings together the startup ecosystem to share ideas, build community, and support startups. We'll be showcasing 4-5 investment-ready startups, who will get exposure and feedback to a panel of active early-stage investors.


    This is an Innovate Pasadena CONNECT Week event.

    Selection Criteria

    Companies will be selected by the TechSparks team based on:

    • Location: Because this pitchfest is now virtual, we'll be able to include companies from anywhere, but we will give preference to companies in the Greater Los Angeles area. 
    • Fundraising Stage: Companies should be pre-Series A and planning to fundraise within the next 12 months.
    • Quality of Materials: Companies should have an investor presentation that is ready to go with some modifications to meet the 5-minute time limit.
    • Traction: Companies will be evaluated based on their traction to-date.
    • Technology: Companies with more unique applications of tech will be prioritized.
    • Diversity: TechSparks is committed to amplifying underrepresented founders. POC and female founders receive priority in our selection process. This does not mean that only underrepresented founders are qualified, but that when comparing two potential presenters who otherwise meet all the above criteria equally, we would bump up the underrepresented founder.
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