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Newsletter 3/25/20: Our COVID-19 Update, Help for Fundraising Startups & Small Biz?

By Jennifer Chang

· Newsletter

Greetings from my dining table, where I've been sitting for the past week in sweatpants. Although today, I thought I'd get a little fancy and put on yoga pants.

The recent "Shelter at Home" quarantine has really made me think about the importance of community, and how especially now, we need to make even more effort towards maintaining community. So I'm reaching out to our TechSparks community to ask - How are you?
One of the scariest aspects of this current Covid pandemic is the impact on the economy. We're aware there's a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community, who are affected by the lockdown, so we wanted to reach out and offer some help. Here's a few things we can help with:
1. Virtual Pitchfest - Fundraising is particularly difficult in this current business climate. As such, we were wondering if there were any early-stage (<$1M raised to-date) startups out there that would be interested in participating in a virtual pitchfest hosted by TechSparks. We have about 10k+ followers across all our different channels, made up primarily of entrepreneurs, service providers, angels, and VCs. If this is of interest, please reply to this email with your name, company, website and/or pitch deck. If we get enough interest, we'll see if we can put this together.
2. Small Business Promotions - Our email list reaches over 1,100 people, and our social media reaches another few thousand. If you're a small business that's been affected by this virus and would appreciate some promotion across our audience of entrepreneurs and nerds - mostly in LA and Pasadena, please reply to this email with your name, company, and social handles.
For the rest of you, we hope you'll attend the virtual pitchfest, click on our small business promotions, and help us support our amazing community of entrepreneurs.
Best regards,
Jennifer Chang
Managing Partner, TechSparks