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Case Study: Strobe Inc.

Branding, Website and Investor Pitch for an Autonomous Vehicle LIDAR Spin-out

· Fundraising,Branding,Deep Tech,Early Stage,Case Study

Scope of Work: Branding, Website, Investor Pitch

Consultant: Jennifer Chang

About Strobe Inc.

Strobe Inc. was a startup that developed a compact LIDAR for the autonomous vehicle. Founders Julie Schoenfeld (serial entrepreneur) and Dr. Lute Maleki (ex-JPL) had previously founded a company called OEwaves in 2000. OEwaves had the patent for a unique laser technology that could be applied to develop a more advanced, chip-based LIDAR. Strobe licensed the patent from OEwaves and formed a new company that would be focused on developing and commercializing a LIDAR product to sell to an emerging autonomous vehicle industry.

Scope of Work

In 2014, TechSparks' Jennifer Chang was engaged by Strobe to introduce the new company to potential investors, customers, and employees. The project included:

  • Developing the logo and branding (style guide) for Strobe Inc. 
  • Acquiring the domain and establishing social media presence 
  • Launching a simple one-page website 
  • Preparing the investor pitch and accompanying one-sheet 


The resulting company was Strobe Inc. and the company logo was developed to convey a future-thinking company, that also incorporated its connection to OEwaves.

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With the investor pitch, Strobe Inc. was able to successfully raise the funds needed to cover the startup costs and R&D phase. Strobe went on to build the LIDAR and was acquired in 2017 by GM's autonomous car division, Cruise Automation. The company continues to operate in Pasadena, California, as a part of Cruise Automation.