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Case Study: nthing

US Crowdfunding Campaign for South Korean IoT Startup

· Case Study,Early Stage,IoT,Global GTM,Kickstarter

Scope of Work: Kickstarter Campaign

Consultant: Jennifer Chang

About nthing

nthing is an ag-tech IoT startup based in South Korea. The company was founded by Leo Kim, who was inspired to start a company that would apply technology to address indoor farming. Seoul, where Leo lives, is a highly-dense metropolis. Over 25M people live in the Greater Seoul area, and as such, finding innovative new technologies to feed all these people is a major focus of the Seoul government. As a first step in commercialization, nthing developed a planter called Planty, which waters itself as timed through a smartphone app.

Scope of Work

nthing engaged TechSparks' Jennifer Chang as its US Marketing Consultant to help with its first US-based Kickstarter campaign. The company had successful completed crowdfunding campaigns in South Korea and Japan, but this would be their first foray into the US market. The project included:

  • Provide guidance on adapting its marketing materials for a US audience 
  • Managing media outreach for its Kickstarter campaign
  • Assisting the team in messaging and responding to contributors to its Kickstarter campaign 
  • Planning and executing the Facebook ad buys for US market 


nthing successfully completed its $100K Kickstarter campaign and delivered the product on schedule. The company continues to operate in Seoul, South Korea.