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Case Study: FanBread

CMO-as-a-Service for Early-Stage Digital Media Startup

· Early Stage,Fundraising,Influencer Marketing,Digital Media,Case Study

Scope of Work: CMO-as-a-Service

Consultant: Jennifer Chang

About FanBread

FanBread was founded by Karl House in 2014 to find new monetization opportunities for social media influencers. The company identified that in the age of social media, influencers (celebrities, YouTubers, etc.) actually had larger and more engaged followings than some of the biggest publishing brands in the world. FanBread built a content marketplace platform that enabled social media influencers to license and curate content so they could leverage their followings and become publishers themselves.

Scope of Work

FanBread engaged TechSparks' Jennifer Chang to join as a consultant in a "CMO-as-a-Service" capacity. At the time, FanBread was just the founder and 2 software engineers working out of the Amplify accelerator. The company had raised $700K pre-seed round, but in the process of developing its MVP. There was not enough activity to justify a full-time CMO, but the company wanted experienced guidance in navigating the product/market fit in parallel with MVP development. FanBread engaged Jennifer to provide her experience and insights as needed while they went through product development. Activities included:

  • Participating in product brainstorms and discussions
  • Engaging a design agency to build out the UX/UI of the company (Interactvism
  • Preparing one sheets and sales pitches for the CEO to use in discovery meetings with potential influencer partners and other interested partners 
  • Launching the company at VidCon 
  • Preparing the post-seed investor deck

"Having someone as experienced as Jennifer involved from the start gave FanBread foresight as we prepared to enter the market. Starting with a freelance arrangement allowed us to develop a working relationship, which was an advantage for the company as we scaled."

- Karl House, Founder at FanBread


FanBread went on to launch its product in 2015 and raised another post-seed round of $1.6M led by Sway Ventures. Jennifer was invited to join the team full-time as Chief Operating Officer, a role in which she took on building out all operations in addition to continuing to wear the marketing hat. FanBread's product proved to be successful, and in 2016, FanBread was acquired by RockYou.